Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Need a last minute Holiday Gift Giving idea? Why not try the #1 requested gift that will cost you very little

Need a great last-minute holiday gift idea? Why not start with the #1 requested gift nine years running. According to the National Retail Federation in 2015, fully 59% of consumers have indicated that they would like to receive a gift card.

When selling, the first question any customer or prospect asks themselves is if they want to do business with YOU. If you cannot get past this hurdle, all of the other questions become moot. For most sales people, sales relationships start with trust and one of the best ways to help build a trusting relationship is to give in order to receive. That is where holiday gift giving can help you. 

One of my favorite gift cards to give are cards that are used more than once by the user. Why? Because a gift that gives more than once is a gift that reminds the user who gave it to them more than once. 

For example, a coffee at Starbucks may cost around $5 but a $20 gift card to Starbucks could be used around 4 times. Now how much more likely is the user going to remember that you gave them a $5 card that is used only once versus a $20 that can be used four times? This is just one example of why I like giving gift cards that keep on giving and so should you. BTW, there are plenty of coffee house gift cards you can provide and not just Starbucks.

So if you forgot to give gifts this holiday season to your customers and prospective clients, you still have time to give the most requested gift nine-years running and you can find them close by in nearly every town and city. 

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