Thursday, March 19, 2015


Poor decision making can be detrimental and costly to any organization - especially in business. Even the smallest decisions such as concerns surround the use of the O-Rings in the Challenger Space Shuttle which blew-up in 1986 may have seemed relatively insignificant before to the explosion when ten of thousands of other decisions were being made prior to launch.

In today's increasingly complex and rapidly changing business climate, poor decision making can be far more costly and damaging than decades ago. Even what may seem relatively insignificant to some may have much larger impacts down the road - far beyond when the decision makers who were responsible for the decisions made are still around.

Factors leading to poor decision making frequently stem from factors involving:
  • Over Emotion
  • Rapid Speed & Timeliness
  • Excessive Intuition
  • Personal Ambitions / Conflicts
  • Underestimating Risk
  • Little / No Accountability.
  • Etc. 

The problem surrounding decision making within most organizations is not in the definition of desired outcomes but in the execution.  It is easy to give and receive organizational objectives but it is when people execute on them is where most decisions fail to support the primary aim of the organization. This is where V.O.I.C.E.S. can help... (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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