Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Ways To Better Sell To Today’s Digital Customer

“I have already done my research online before I came here [to buy].” If you are in sales today you are likely hearing similar comments and at an increasing rate – no matter what industry you sell in. Welcome to the “new normal” of sales. The question now is how are you changing how you sell to take advantage of this?

Whether you know it yet or not, most consumers today want to increasingly be in control of the buying process. Let’s face it - people love to buy but hate to be sold. Think about it: what is your first reaction when a car salesman approaches you on a car lot today? Are you happy to see them or do you quickly become guarded? And what other industries have this same problem? Most do whether you know it or not. Thanks to the explosion of information and digital access, selling today is becoming far different than how the generations before us sold.  

Due to the explosion of research and information provided to people online, a growing number of consumers are already far ahead of a traditional sales process long before they engage you in a sale. As a result, the key to success is to learn how to embrace this trend and use it to your competitive advantage to close more business. 

Here are the five steps you can take to help make you more successful to selling to today’s digital consumer… (Click here to see the full list