Book: The Top 20%

Scheduled Release Date: Nov 5, 2015

Book Overview:

The purpose of this book is to provide hope, direction, skills, and processes necessary for any small business owner and professional to beat the odds and succeed in today’s digital sales and marketing world. Most Americans today have a dream of a better life and that commonly includes the dream of one day owning and operating their own business. Most of the skills they bring to their small business lack the most important aspect to their survival and growth: their ability to effectively market and sales their products and services to others.

Most small businesses today have to compete with larger companies who can afford to hire skilled sales and marketing professionals who have the time and resources needed to compete in today’s digital environment. As a result, they can either follow the path of the 80% of their peers will fail in five years or they can learn the skills and processes of the top 20% who will survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive and digital economy.

Small businesses continue to not only be the largest employers but also fail at the highest rates. This book was written for every small business professional who needs a single source and guide to help them succeed in the most important aspects of their businesses – despite their backgrounds and expertise.



Introduction - Congratulations, You Are Now a Professional!                                                           
Understanding Pareto’s law
The professional’s dream becomes reality: the professional meets the businessman
Your customers have millions of choices – why do they need you?
The importance of building your second income stream: Equity Value

Chapter 1: Sales Planning – The Roadmap to Sales Success                                                              
               The simple sales equation
               Start each day with a sales plan & goal
               You cannot manage what you cannot measure
               You only have three types of customers
               Learn how to say “NO” to bad customers
               The only way to learn is through daily reflection
               Schedule strategic sales time away from your tactical time
               Learn how much your time is really worth
               Managing a sales pipeline and forecast

Chapter 2: Prospecting – Creating Awareness and Prospects for Your Business                             
               Know what your customers are really worth         
               Never eat another meal alone: 1100 potential prospects just waiting for you
               Know the best times to prospect
               Know your prospecting equations for success
                              Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
                              Phone Calls
                              Mass (Bulk) Emails
                              TV & Radio
                              Print Advertising
                              Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)
                              Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
                              Return-On-Investment (ROI)
                              Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI)

Chapter 3: Selling Process – Create and Follow a Standard Sales Process                                
               Appointment Setting / Conversion
               Customer Qualification
               Presentation / Positioning
               Dealing with sales objections & delays
               The close
               Asking for referrals
               Generate repeat & boomerang business

Chapter 4: Selling Effectiveness – Turning Your Prospects into Customers                                    
               The rules of the value exchange and delayed exchanges
               Sell to your customer’s WHY – not to your own
               Sell me this pen
               Become as “expert” at what you do
               Give in order to receive
               Only sell to the “right” customers
               Nothing sells better than scarcity
               The attitude of the seller is more important than the attitude of the buyer
               Story telling conceptualizes the message
               Consistency and consensus breeds credibility
               Learn how to sell yourself first
               Ditch the presentations and start a conversation – diagnose before you prescribe
               Using leverage is the key to sales growth
               Always make sure that YOU are in control of the sales process

Chapter 5: Closing the Sale – Were It All Pays YOU                                                                      
               Why closing decisions are made
               Confidently discuss prices
               No, you didn’t lose the business because of price
               No, they don’t need more time to think about it
               Know when your prospects are ready to buy
               A confused mind always says “no” – provide simple, fewer options
               The key to the conversion is in the follow-up
               Credibility comes from strong & relevant citations
               Negotiation – a game of give and take
               People love to buy but hate to be sold – give them choices but not too many
               Your biggest competitor is doing nothing

Chapter 6: Marketing Success – How to Make It Rain                                                                      
               You must have a written marketing plan
               The nine key elements of your marketing plan     
               Marketing versus insurance and third-party payment providers
               What you should spend on marketing
               Understanding Frequency & Reach
               The rule of 12 in marketing
               Focus on both business generation and CONVERSION RATES
                              Calculating conversion rates

Chapter 7: Marketing Resources – So Many Choices!                                                                       
               Websites & Blogs
               Social Media
               TV & Radio
               Email Marketing
               Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
               Cold Calling
               Lead Generation
               Direct Mail
               Personal Brand & Reputation Management
               Content Marketing
               Video Marketing
               Public Relations
               Web Analytics, CRM, and Conversion Tools
               Public Speaking
               Trade Shows & Conventions
               Printed Sales Collateral
               Writing a Book

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  1. Spent the weekend reading this book. I seldom read a self help book over the weekend, however it was tough to put it down.
    Dustin was able to suck me into to all the things about sales I believe in. He has a firm grasp of the obvious , but more important what you should be reminded of. He is specific in solutions that will increase my income this year and now.

  2. I wish there is Kindle version of the book