Monday, January 26, 2015

How Effective Are Your Sales People In The Art Of Persuation?

Have you ever heard your salespeople say the follow:

- I have plenty of meetings but nobody wants to buy.
- I can't seem to get anybody to return my calls after our first sales meetings.
- I have plenty in the pipeline but nothing seems to be ready to close.
- I am doing everything our top salesperson is doing so he must have a better territory than me.

When it comes to sales effectiveness, knowing the fundamentals of sales persuasion is critical to success. In the video below, a scientific study on the art of persuasion was conducted that should be required watching for anybody who is in sales.

The six critical areas of persuasion presented in this video include:
  1. Reciprocity  - You need to give in order to receive
  2. Scarcity - People want to buy more of what there is less of
  3. Authority - People are more likely to buy from credible sources
  4. Consistency - People are more likely to buy from people who provide consistent results
  5. Liking - People are more likely to buy from people they like
  6. Consensus - People are more willing to buy based on the actions and results of similar others

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  1. Great video! I first saw this video over a year ago and forgot how great a training tool it is. I just forwarded to my sales team and thanks for posting!

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